Why do People Drink Alcohol?

     Why do people drink?

This is a very commonly asked question. Parts of the answer lie in the clickview: Teenage Drinking-Facts or Fiction

According to the Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia we have found that :

  • 71%  of people drink alcohol for socialising
  • 21%  of people drink alcohol because they like the taste
  • 12%  of people drink alcohol to feel at ease
  • 6%    of people drink alcohol to get intoxicated
  • 6%    of people drink alcohol because of peer pressure
  • 2 %   of people drink alcohol to get drunk
  • 0%    of people drink alcohol to forget problems

u2_moderate_alcohol_boost_social_bondingMost people drink for socialising and you can see a lot of this in pop culture and even real life. When you get together with friends you usually drink (as long as you are over-age) and if your friends are having drinks, naturally you would want a drink too. This correlates with the idea of peer pressure being one of the factors of people drinking. If you don’t have a drink when your friends are, you will usually be pressured into drinking and most of the time you will eventually buy one.

Still on the topic of peer pressure, Trish Worth, Chairwoman of DrinkWise Australia stated in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that most people who are pressured into drinking are usually teenagers and that even if they don’t feel like drinking, they think that they should to fit in with a the crowd. Young drinkers would also encourage their non-drinking friends and pressure them into drinking using phrases such as “Don’t be lame” or “It’s fine” etc.

The 12% of people who drink alcohol to feel at ease usually have a condition called alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is when you would rely on alcohol to feel normal in everyday life. beatalcohol.com, a website made by the The St John of God Health Care Services is dedicated to helping people beat and overcome alcoholism and alcohol dependence. According to them, several factors such as life stresses, difficulties in relationships, past traumatic experiences and physical and mental disorders contribute to alcohol dependence.

The people who drink alcohol to get drunk usually find drunkenness or intoxication ‘fun’ as they want to go wild and feel free. These people usually find pleasure in losing control over their actions but this can lead to grave consequences. Drinking alcohol can be fatal sometimes. The loss of inhibition experienced when drunk can lead to various dangerous events such as hoon riding, unsafe sex, picking fights etc. This can lead to criminal conviction or even worse, death.



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