Alcohol Being Socially Acceptable

Why is Alcohol Socially Acceptable?


Alcohol is socially acceptable because it has been around since biblical times and people have been using it in most cultures throughout history. Its use throughout history has prompted it to not only be thought of as ‘ok’ but also as being acceptable in society. Its use by monarchs and leaders globally would make it seem acceptable because the public’s views on them as role models would make these people think that consuming alcohol is fine.

Because alcohol takes around 20-30 years for the long term effects to show up and when consumed in small amounts contains only miniscule risks, it is often thought to be harmless and not dangerous. This perception of alcohol being harmless would make people drink alcohol in both small and large amounts without worrying about the risks they are taking.

Alcohol can also be a force for good as it brings people together and forms social bonds. Its use at social events and occasions help build friendships and improve socializing skills. It can also make people happier and can be an emotional stabilizer.

The biggest factor of alcohol being socially acceptable would be the media.

The Influence of Media on Alcohol


The constant commercials and advertisements shown on TV by alcohol beverage companies have a major influence on society’s perception of alcohol. These commercials advertise these brands and encourage people to drink alcohol. Its images of people having a good time and feeling refreshed make people who watch these commercials think that it has these positive affects and yet no negative affects.

Alcohol use by characters in various movies and TV Shows has also influenced drinking. Research has shown that after watching such movies, adolescents are more prone to drinking at a younger age.

Media can also have a positive effect on the consumption of alcohol. Advertisements that discourage drink driving, alcoholism etc. has potential to reduce deaths and binge drinking rates. These advertisements designed by government agencies and alcohol help organisations could very much help the rate of alcohol and binge drinking in today’s society.



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