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Alcohol is the most socially accepted drug in Australia but it is also the most abused drug. Alcohol education is important because people need to know how to handle alcohol and how alcohol can affect us. We see people drinking and having fun in everyday life but we do’t know how it can harm us and the risks we are taking by drinking alcohol. We need to know how alcohol can affect us socially, physically and mentally. This alcohol education can lead to us being protected from the dangers of alcohol and who knows; it might just save your life.


13 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Bob says:

    you should have a dislike button. not that i would use it…

  2. Fred says:

    Yeh that would be a great idea and i WOULD use it LOL

  3. ismail7865 says:

    You’re horrible

  4. ismail7865 says:

    Im talkin bout fred

  5. ismail7865 says:

    This site is currently under da development

  6. jkt008 says:

    Site looks awesome

  7. jkt008 says:

    Sorry guys for the delay on the Alcohol Around the World page. Have been busy lately, but it is finally up!

  8. reox5656 says:

    Hirzi, u need to have the speech ready or email it to us to bring to school because we are all waiting on you at this stage. I am thinking that if everyone in our group come to the library at recess to get the speech from you and we can discuss if we need to go back there at lunchtime for more practise or if we are good with the practise that we have done. 🙂 Site looks Awesome!!!!!

  9. 2awe2som2w says:


  10. jkt008 says:

    Just did a bit of editing on some of the pages. Good luck tomorrow guys! 🙂

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